Worlds Away

by Elders

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released February 5, 2011



all rights reserved


Elders Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Keyholes ft. Chad Urich
Despite the things I have worked so hard for
I've let my jealousy get the best of me, time and time again
Can't flip this hourglass and erase the past
Just need to get these awful thoughts out of my head.

But I have come a long way
I have battled through obstacles everyday
And things seem to get easier.

All these failed attempts
Will wash upon the shore
We will acknowledge them
But still go back
We will all keep searching

And I am caught inside a constant struggle
Between the man i want to be
And the boy that I'm trying to leave behind
Its time to muster up the courage
Let go.

This is goodbye
To all the hated ones in my life
It's time to realize
I have not always been right

I've been ungrateful as they come
Broken bonds with so many i loved
instead of stand among the masses which allows me to fall
I will face this worlds worst, and i will fight through it all.
Track Name: An Heirloom
We will walk
Til our feet our callousing
We will scream
till our lungs are collapsing
We will fight
Till all ears are listening.

The voices are pleading
Follow me, Follow me
Hearts are pounding
One two three, One two three
Mother on the ground is
Begging him, Leave me be.
All before the door is slammed
In front of me.
Track Name: Silent Generations
Listen to every word you speak
I think its about time
You practiced what you preach.

Lines are always being drawn and crossed by you
Words mean nothing when they are spoken
Through lips with no integrity.

And now that I see, That I'll never be a part of this world
Its easier to let go.
You can ask what your purpose is
Or you can do what makes you feel alive

We can fight for what our world wants
Or we can do whats right.
You can let them be our voices
Or you can continue to scream

Over and over again
You have laid waste to our every dream
Swearing us one thing
As you sneak in our back door
To steal another.

We are not your property
You call this opportunity?
We will break the chains and we will storm your gates.
You keep your filthy hands off of me.

Why have we always been told, haven't you always been told? That when we grow old they will release their hold, on what makes you happy.
I think i made a mistake. I must have made a mistake. Cause where i come from these songs are rarely sung, and i think its time you hear me
Somethings got to be done, something has got to be done. We will never run unless its towards the sun, you were always blocking.
I wont be asking again. I'll never ask you again, we will band together, raise our fists
And we'll tear their house down.

We are judged by empires
As we sit silent in broken homes
No longer will i keep my mouth shut
No longer will i keep my eyes closed

You are what we must defend against.
Silent generations wont exist.
Track Name: Endeavors
I've stepped across these lines so many times over
I can't remember all the wrongs that I've done
While others boast about the mountains they've climbed
Reality is stuck in a rut.

I want to feel the sun across my back again
I want to hear the sound of rain as it falls on the ground
I know things may be hard
But our hardship brings us home

We have all asked to much, and this is true
For the emptiness inside of you
To disappear without work or reason
Without purpose
Things have all come and gone, its give and take
Homes have been washed away, the earth has quaked
But together i promise we can see this through

We are all built upon endeavors
Efforts to determine, Where we belong.
So where do i belong?

Hardship is where we belong
Hardship is where we came from.

And all these mysteries push us farther away
The few and far between are what we've become
This mysteries push us farther away.
Track Name: Patience
I know it's wrong but it's true.
All the things I blamed on you.
I've been selfish, and I've lied, but karma caught me every time.
Moving mountains won happen overnight.
The waves of hate i feel have washed my every sight.
Again i ask myself why i had felt such pride,
when looking back at things i never realized.

I have been asked more than once to be an honest man,
I have been asked more than once to lend a helping hand.
I will not live another day, In fear of myself.
I will not let another suffer over the pain i have felt

And I will love as much as i've hated,
i will trust as much as i doubt,
i will descend to the depths I've created,
each day till vie pulled myself out.

I'm not saying its perfect,
but it'll much better than this.
I'm not sorry for mistakes I've made,
They're just the dirt i stomped through that got me where i needed to be.

And I've walked away from bitterness to place my life in better hands.
The wrongs that I've done have made me who i am.
And I know that sometimes it seems like they hold no purpose,
But these days are long and our hearts are strong,
we will become all that we can.
Mistakes bring me where i need to be.
No Hatred. No greed, Anything we need.
Mistakes will bring us where we need to be
No hatred, No greed, Anything we need.
Track Name: Stand Blind ft. Andy Atkins
I've become unsure time and time again
Cause I walked the path of an empty man
And I have seen things that test my strength, every day
The hardest part, is the fear of becoming something that i hate
I just hope i can find my call and walk it straight.

I'm trying so hard to focus on the positives
But this world just tries so hard
To stomp us down.
Tearing apart the walls we have built up
To find nothing but gray skies and hollow clouds
And I know this isn't the end, the war's not over yet
I will not stop till my muscles burn and i rid my mind
I rid my mind of its regret

I have always been used up and thrown away.
I'm done playing this game.
And just walk away.
And quit playing these games.

We are all trying to cover our misfortune
We all need to stop being ashamed
We're all misled. We're all misled.
We are misled.

We are misled by a society that cares more about the brand of their shoes, the make of their car, or the price of their possessions, than the heart of its children
We are misled by a nation that recognizes the complications, but does nothing to alleviate them.
And we are told to hide away, to cover up our problems with material things.

And to stand blind to the mysteries of the world.
I wont stand blind to the mysteries of the world.